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Medical Marijuana Rights in Thailand

The Cannabis Craze is Transforming Thailand.

You could say we are living in the “age of herb.” Amsterdam used to be the only place to buy it legally. Now, there’s an abundance of marijuana outlets on the earth. New scientific evidence is powering weed’s ascent from the black market into the light of day.

Science confirms marijuana contains two chemicals:

THC – the psychoactive agent in weed that’s classified as a hallucinogenic.

CBD – a compound that has no hallucinogenic properties and treats a variety of syndromes, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, psychosis, inflammation, epilepsy, and some early research indicates it fights cancer.

The word is out - marijuana isn’t just giving people the munchies; it's helping cure disease.

Some people are desperate to find something that alleviates their suffering, and weed is an excellent, all-natural remedy. Prescription drugs are expensive, ineffective, and have unpleasant side effects, while marijuana is cheap, potent, and has desired side effects based on the strain:

Sativa – the strain of weed that makes people, energetic, motivated, creative, talkative, or focused.

Indica – the strain of weed that makes people sleepy, euphoric, relaxed, hungry, or contemplative.

Hybrid – a mix of strains that synthesizes qualities from each.

Weed is well understood because Western countries have championed the cause. It is now legal in Uruguay and Canada. States in America started legalizing it medically, with a dozen making it recreationally legal.

Walk into a pot shop in America, and you'll know what freedom feels like – you’ll see a huge variety of strains, catered options for ingesting or smoking it, a professional environment, and stellar customer service.

Making medicinal marijuana legal and legalizing CBD, Thailand is a pioneer of cannabis in South East Asia. It is the only country in the region to soften its tone against the plant. The nearest country to legalize medical marijuana is South Korea.

Thailand had used กัญชา or “Kancha” for centuries as a traditional medicine before banning it in the 1930s. It makes sense we return to what we historically used. It’s still illegal to use recreationally, punishable up to 15 years in prison with a considerable fine.

Pro Legal Services wants to educate you on your medical marijuana rights!

There are options to get a prescription, grow it at home, produce and invest as a private company, or bring it here as a tourist.

Buying CBD

Some people want the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the psychoactive component. So, companies distill CBD oil with only trace amounts of THC. Since CBD is legal in Thailand, there are a variety of online distributors selling CDB products that ship directly to your door. These products include tinctures, gummies, vapes, and drinks. Check out https://en.siam-cbd.com/ as an example.

Medical Marijuana Prescription

A person that goes through the proper channels with a certified medical doctor or Thai traditional medicinal practitioner can attain a marijuana prescription to treat some illness or disease. In August of 2019, patients received the first 10,000 bottles of marijuana oil. There are only a few hospitals and clinics that can give prescriptions. See the list here.

Foreigners Bringing Marijuana to Thailand

Tourists visiting Thailand can bring a 90-day supply of medical marijuana prescribed by a physician in their home country. The foreigner must bring a copy of the prescription with a medical certificate documenting their name, address, illness, symptoms, medicinal details, and dosage amount.

Growing Medical Marijuana at Home

Thailand’s health minister is passing a new law which allows Thai nationals to grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their home. These plants would be explicitly grown for the medical marijuana industry and given to the government. Each plant has an estimated revenue of 67,000 Baht and could supplement the average Thai person’s income, which is roughly 24,000 Baht per month.

Companies in the Medical Marijuana Industry

When medical marijuana first passed in Thailand, it came with a "Thailand First" clause. Thai entities want to thrive without being stampeded by foreign technology and investors, but the doorway into medical marijuana is still open to foreigners. Foreigners can hold up to 33% in a medical marijuana company in Thailand.

Companies that are established under Thai law and have a local office can apply for a license to sell, distribute, produce, and import/export medical marijuana. Thai nationals must own two-thirds of the company's capital or comprise two-thirds of the company's directors.

Are you looking to apply for a medical marijuana license or invest in a company? Pro Legal Services will navigate the law, paperwork, and government entities to get you the medical marijuana rights you seek!

There are several different bills and pieces of legislation applicable to attaining a license. Pro Legal Services has in-depth knowledge of them and how to meet each one's requirements. If you are looking to break into the medical marijuana industry in Thailand, Pro Legal Services is your best bet!

Eventually, medical marijuana will be a big business in Thailand. Right now, some sources estimate it will generate $5.4 billion in Asia by 2024. Get in early on the action. If you are a farmer, a foreign investor, or a business owner, don't wait until the market is saturated. We are here to help. Please chat with our legal team today.

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