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Create a Virtual Office in Thailand

The dream of Thailand is the digital nomad experience.

Working remotely at the beach, or out exploring nature, is what many business professionals want most. Especially after Covid-19, virtual work has become a lot more commonplace.

It's within most people's grasp - with the help of a virtual office.

Business owners that want to set up and operate a remote company in Thailand still need a registered address in a business building. Pro legal services can supply a physical address and handle managed services related to your business.

Our Virtual Office Package Includes:

  • Set-up & Register of New Companies

  • Corporate Address for Company & Tax Registration

  • Mail Management Services

  • Work Permits & Visas Available

  • Accounting & Book-keeping Options

Whether you only require a physical address or are starting a company and need all the help you can get, Pro Legal Services is here to help!

Call or Email Us Today to Establish your Virtual Office in Thailand!

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